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Martin: I'm a believer in Windows 8

The history of Microsoft may be littered with failure but it is equally full of sensational hits--Windows 95 or the Xbox to name a few. On the verge of the Windows 8 launch, the industry is rife with speculation about its future. Will Windows 8 be Microsoft's New Coke or will it be a hit?

Martin: How often do users really use apps?

Recently, Nokia provided me with a Lumia 800 to test. It was the first time in years I had used a Nokia device, and the first time ever I had used the Windows Phone platform.

HTML5 versus Native Apps: The truth you need to know

Josh Martin Before delving in to the bulk of this article I should explicitly state that I think HTML5 is an important industry initiative and, if implemented correctly, it can have

Martin: Why developers should fight to improve app discoverability

Josh Martin Big box retailers have been designed meticulously to allow shoppers to discover new brands. The marketing is subversive, as these new offerings sit interspersed--yet...

Martin: How to capitalize the impact of your app

Josh Martin The apps space was once so very simple. A developer met the needs of a carrier, who then took a very large cut of the developer's revenue to sell his or her app in its

Smartphone apps: When more is less and less is more

As a society we tend to think that more is better. More megapixels must result in better photos. More square footage must mean a better apartment. More calories must mean a more delicious meal. Often