Mobile game devs see higher revenue from in-game ads, says Unity Technologies

Rewarded video advertisements could pave the way for mobile game developers to increase their revenues, according to a new study from video game engine developer Unity Technologies.

Apple revamps developer resources mini-site, opens WWDC 2016 registration

Apple has debuted its "Making Great Apps for the App Store" mini-site, which serves as an all-in-one resource for developers.

BMW, Timecode Systems, and more leap into the GoPro Developer Program

Periscope app
GoPro this month launched a developer program as part of an effort "to develop a seamless user experience between [developers'] products and GoPro products." Ultimately, the program could impact mobile developers in a number of ways, too.

LG's gambit to open G5 expansion slot doesn't guarantee developers will show up

LG Electronics is now providing developers with a software development kit and hardware development kit to help them design and deploy apps for its G5 modular smartphone. Sounds great for devs, but it may not be meaningful in the long run.

Following Microsoft's Xamarin acquisition, RoboVM calls it quits

RoboVM, a company that enables native iOS and Android development in Java, recently announced it will discontinue its service on April 30, 2017.

Universal Windows Platform adoption 'slow but steady' among developers, study shows

A new .NET developer survey conducted by software company Progress through its subsidiary Telerik revealed many mobile developers remain unfamiliar with the Microsoft Universal Windows Platform.

The case for Apple's Swift becoming a 'first-class' language for Google's Android

The Swift programming language serves as a powerful tool for Apple iOS, OS X, tvOS and watchOS developers. But in the future, Swift may transform the way Android developers build apps, too.

Facebook F8 conference's key developer tools may reshape social media app landscape

What should developers expect from Facebook over the next decade? Here are three key takeaways from the F8 conference, a gathering that highlighted the social media site's 10-year history and announced new technologies that may reshape the development landscape.

Mobile gaming grabs 40 percent of consumers' game spending, topping all other platforms

Mobile gaming surpassed both home game consoles and combined PC and Mac gaming with the highest consumer spend among gaming platforms in 2014, and in 2015, the segment widened that lead another 5 percent, according to a study from app analytics provider App Annie and market research firm International Data Corp.

Google's Android Studio 2.0 release: best day ever? Some devs think so

Google this month released Android Studio 2.0, a new version of its app development platform. On social media, many developers were thrilled, while some reported encountering problems with features like Instant Run.

Microsoft commits to open-source Xamarin with its Visual Studio announcement

Microsoft launched a free community version of Xamarin Studio for OS X at its Build 2016 event in San Francisco last month. And Visual Studio Enterprise subscribers now can access Xamarin's enterprise capabilities at no additional cost. Sounds great, but what do these announcements really mean for developers?

Build with Square's goal to empower sellers catches developers' attention

With Square's new Build initiative, point-of-sale developers can leverage application programming interfaces designed to help sellers "run every part of their business in one place." Take a look at how devs like Nexternal are innovating on a number of Square's available APIs.

IBM's $47,000 TSA app recreated by developer in 10 minutes

The Transportation Security Administration recently paid IBM a hefty sum for an app that told airline travelers whether to go left or right in airport security lanes.

Half of all mobile game revenue comes from 2 percent of players, study shows

Only 1.9 percent of mobile gamers made a purchase in February, according to a new study from mobile marketing automation platform provider Swrve, up just 0.4 percent from two years ago.

Grabbing the Microsoft Windows app development opportunity

Windows application development represents a profitable opportunity that few developers have embraced, which is highlighted in recent data. What does it take to get started? Microsoft has a little advice.

Apple discovers, repairs iOS 9.3 bug

Many iOS users who downloaded the iOS 9.3 update encountered problems immediately. Here are the details.

iPhone users spent an average of $35 on apps last year, study shows

Mobile consumers spent an average of $35 on apps per active iPhone in the United States last year, according to a new study from Sensor Tower. The mobile app store market intelligence firm reported the Games category ranked first among per-device spending last year, followed by Music, Social Networking and Entertainment apps.

What does cloud mean for app developers?

Experience plays an important role in an app developer's decision to develop cloud apps, according to recent data from market analysis firm VisionMobile. And with cloud becoming a substantial growth opportunity for the industry, it's more important than ever to learn how to build cloud apps now.

Applause, Azetone and Ubertesters empower developers to improve app usability

App usability tools frequently help developers optimize the user experience before an app becomes generally available. These tools provide actionable insights for developers, ensuring they can test and maximize the quality of their apps.

Are app developers ready for the latest Apple devices?

Apple last week unveiled two devices that may transform the way many iOS app developers design iPad and iPhone offerings. But the changes raise questions about how these developers can deliver user-friendly apps on smaller screens.