Fueled tops GoodFirms' list of top app development companies

Which app development companies earned spots on GoodFirms' list of the top app development businesses? These companies are likely to deliver essential support as the demand for mobile app development services increases over the next few years.

Meet the new FierceDeveloper editor

Please welcome the latest addition to the Fierce editorial team. Daniel Kobialka is the new editor of FierceDeveloper where he will be focused on writing features and columns about the evolving mobile app business.

TurnToTech, Mobile Makers, Flatiron bootcamps keep app developers on pace

More than 70 app development bootcamps are available across the United States and Canada, but what do they offer students? The fast-changing app environment means devs should look at schools with a critical eye.

iPhone, Apple Watch and Apple TV drive record revenue for Apple in fiscal Q1

Apple reported quarterly revenue of $75.9 billion and quarterly net income of $18.4 billion in the fiscal year 2016 first quarter, thanks in part to its record-breaking iPhone, Apple Watch and Apple TV sales. Here are the details.

App developer: 'Don't start developing apps for Windows 10'

Coder Nikolaus Gebhardt is encouraging app developers to stop creating apps for Windows 10, but why? Here's what you need to know.

Time to deep learn? From Dreamify to Siri, the applications appear endless

The tools that are available to the world's mobile developers appear to be expanding dramatically, from virtual reality kits to those for the Internet of Things. But a new utensil released in just the past few months -- and bolstered by an online learning course announced last week -- could prove far more useful to developers interested in more advanced services and applications.

App Annie: Google Play dominates downloads while Apple's App Store hogs the revenue

Google Play store is growing stronger in its dominance over Apple's App Store in terms of downloads, according to App Annie's new 2015 retrospective report. But, as VentureBeat pointed out, the App Store is taking in significantly more revenue than Google Play. In both cases, the leads widened in 2015.

Progress, WaveMaker, others make the case for hybrid mobile app development

With the "borderless office" becoming a ubiquitous phenomenon, today's users demand mobile access to their enterprise applications, which opens up an important market opportunity for developers and software companies. The problem is that building individual native apps for each mobile platform is a complex -- and therefore expensive -- proposition. And it's one that can negate the value of a developer's time and effort, despite the end user demand.

Devs react to Brave, a new ad-blocking browser from ex-Mozilla CEO

Brave arrives as an ad-blocking browser promising increased privacy and faster speeds. Former Mozilla CEO and JavaScript creator Brandon Eich built Brave to automatically keep out programmatic ads and tracking cookies. In head-to-head comparisons with Safari on iOS, Brave clearly loads faster.

From iAd to AOL, developers should be taking notice of the shifting mobile ad market

It's no secret that advertising continues to play a major role in the business plans of most mobile app developers, at least those targeting the consumer market. Indeed, according to a report issued last year by mobile ad company Millennial Media, 82 percent of those developers who monetized their apps did so via in-app advertising. Thus, since so many developers rely on advertisements for their livelihood, it's important for developers to know what's happening in the mobile advertising space. And there's a lot that's happening in the space.

HotelTonight, Chimani, Quick Left and other developers rally around Google's app streaming and indexing

Late last year, Google announced it would make search results and advertising on mobile devices more relevant by indexing Android apps with or without corresponding Web content. Google also began allowing users to "stream" apps that are not already installed on users' mobile devices. The move raises an important question for developers: Should they support this new technology?

Verizon: A lot more smartphone owners started buying things with apps in 2015

Trust and comfort with using apps to make purchases appears to be growing as almost one-quarter of smartphone owners did so for the first time in 2015, according to Verizon. The carrier's new commissioned survey also showed upticks in accessing banking and transportation services via apps, though large gaps remain is app-based purchasing among different age groups.

Apple's iOS 9.3 beta Night Shift feature draws rave reviews on Twitter

The beta release of Apple's upcoming iOS 9.3 update is making the rounds and reactions have ranged from glowing praise to dire warnings.

MoffettNathanson: Facebook apps downloads surge in 4Q; Twitter buoyed by Periscope

Facebook's and Twitter's app portfolios' fourth-quarter total downloads both came out ahead of where they ended up during the same quarter in 2014, according to MoffettNathanson. The analyst firm, now getting its app data from Apptopia, found Facebook's app portfolio notch impressive annual growth globally while finding more modest results in the U.S. Twitter's portfolio growth almost matched Facebook's, but mostly because of Periscope.

Developers react to Lenovo's plans to offer Google's Project Tango in a consumer device

Google's ambitious Project Tango is a smartphone platform that uses computer vision, depth sensing, and motion tracking to generate on-screen augmented reality (AR) features and functions on top of physical environments. It's a potentially exciting technology.

Dropbox shutters Mailbox, exposing the perils of mobile app acquisition

When Gentry Underwood developed the Orchestra To-Do app, he wanted to end the use of email as "a terrible to-do list." Yet despite praise from the likes of Jack Dorsey, CEO of Twitter, Orchestra never built a lasting user base.

AT&T's developer courtship remains strong as focus shifts to IoT, autos and cities

AT&T recently attracted nearly 1,400 developers to its 9th annual Developer Summit held on the eve of the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas and its hackathon held for the first time in Guadalajara, Mexico. The goal behind the two events working in conjunction was to drive innovation globally and help spur the proliferation of 4G LTE in Mexico -- a market of growing significance to AT&T thanks the company's recent $2.5 billion acquisition of Iusacell and $1.88 billion purchase of Nextel Mexico.

Quixey: Consumers want the functionality of mobile apps, convenience of mobile Web

Mobile consumers are divided on which they prefer, mobile apps or mobile Web, according to a recent report from Quixey. The firm commissioned a survey of about 1,000 people to get an idea of how they prefer to use mobile internet.

What are employers looking for in Android developers? 5 things you need to know

For current or soon-to-be Android developers, welcome to the cool kids' table! There is high demand for those who possess the skills and know-how to create Android apps, which is reflected in recent data.

Virtual reality: Set to disrupt the mobile ecosystem?

Virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) are nascent mobile development areas that have seen significant investment this year, from startups to Google, Microsoft and Facebook. Just how disruptive VR/AR will be for the mobile ecosystem remains to be seen, but boosters are banking on a massive platform shift to create an immense amount of opportunity for developers and everyone else.