What devs are saying about Windows Phone 8 Version 3

For Microsoft and its Windows Phone 8 operating system, the third time may, in fact, be the charm. The company last week announced a major update to its mobile OS, which is designed to show off apps on larger smartphones with brighter screens, such as those Nokia is expected to launch later this year.

The real reason Facebook bought Onavo

Since the news broke last week that Facebook was acquiring Onavo for an undisclosed sum, there has been plenty of speculation about how the startup might play a role in the social networking giant's future ambitions. Onavo is a developer of apps designed to help smartphone users understand how much data apps are taking up on their smartphones and then compress that data.

Report: Nearly half of consumers ignore in-app ads

For all the hype around in-app advertising, developers should realize that consumers are tuning them out, according to a recent report from Forrester Research.

OpenKit tries to pick up where OpenFeint left off

If the holiday season is considered a make-or-break period for indie developers and their latest apps, there are many who probably believe that last year, mobile gaming network GREE did everything it could to break them.

Google Play's "referral flow" streamlines app tracking

You can spend what feels like your entire life looking at the numbers in Google (NASDAQ:GOOG) Analytics. The reports just go deeper and deeper, with each area bringing up more questions about...

Developers suggest bad app selection may be to blame as BlackBerry's troubles continue

It's reaching the point where most developers probably can't look at the news online without seeing a headline along the lines of, "More trouble for BlackBerry." The notion that its selection of apps has contributed to its troubles has been a particularly hot topic on Twitter.

How will developers and consumers 'like' Facebook's new install ads?

It's an approach to mobile marketing that could best be summed up in a single phrase: "Hey, remember me?"

How developers can make the death of paid apps slower and less painful

If a developer takes the time to make a mobile app, it's reasonable to think consumers might be willing to pay for it. In the last few months, however, several experts are wondering if the traditional model for paid downloads is nearing its end.

The branding lesson from Evernote every app developer should jot down

When I first heard about it, I assumed Evernote Marketplace referred to some kind of new, niche app store. I would never have imagined that Evernote will be offering branded socks instead.

80% of consumers would give up location data for offers, discounts

Despite widespread concerns among government and privacy experts about the way mobile apps collect and manage users' information, 80 percent of respondents to a research study from mBlox said they would share location data to receive SMS or push notifications.

Why some mobile M&As value the developer more than the app

A few weeks ago, when San Francisco-based game developer PlayFirst purchased mobile ad firm Big Head Mode, it wasn't reported as a normal merger or acquisition. Instead, VentureBeat described it as an "acqui-hire."

Devs don't feel much sympathy over reports of iOS 7 motion sickness

If you're a developer thinking of building upon the new animated navigation features in iOS 7, you might want to post some kind of medical warning in your terms and conditions first.

Monster iOS: The novel way to teach app development

There are countless books about programming, most of them thicker than my old university macroeconomic textbook, and most of them are aimed strictly at the specialists. With the recent launch of iOS 7, there has been a sense that the transition to new versions of apps will be particularly difficult, even for experienced developers.

40% of developers made no money from their last app

Revenue remains an elusive dream to 40 percent of app developers, according to a survey released by organizers of the upcoming App Developer Conference taking place in Los Angeles in early November. The show's producers surveyed 250 people for its first-ever State of the Industry 2013 Results report.

NQ Mobile turns focus to gaming with 'Gods & Dragons' for iOS

NQ Mobile Chief Commercial Officer Gavin Kim spoke to FierceDeveloper contributor Jason Ankeny about the company's gaming aspirations, the keys to successful monetization and the importance of localization.

PlayPhone: The app store alternative coming to a carrier near you

Consumers usually want the same things from their carriers: fair prices, good wireless coverage, a wide selection of cutting-edge smartphones and customer service lines that won't leave them near tears. Few of us look to carriers to provide the best apps, too.

Report: App users warming up to 'value exchange' ads

Consumers are willing to click on a mobile ad in an app if it gives them access to some kind of premium content, according to the MediaBrix Social and Mobile Gaming Report, H1 2013.

Apple's moves on legacy iOS apps make most devs happy

While developers race to offer apps compatible with the new iOS 7, they were also surprised by a last-minute decision to offer compatibility options for older versions.

Why Twitter's acquisition of MoPub could mean money for developers

Apple's App Store is still the place where developers go to make money from downloads, but it may not be too long before Twitter is the place they go for in-app advertising.

What the iPhone 5s's 64-bit capabilities will mean for mobile games

In the end, there weren't a lot of big surprises at Apple's Sept. 10 event, which confirmed most of the rumors about the iPhone 5s, iPhone 5c and iOS 7. If you're a mobile game developer, however, the highlight of the morning may not have been the new hardware and software but the moment when they demo-ed Infinity Blade III.