watchOS 2 delay: The reaction from Apple developers

For a device that was once known only for keeping track of time, app developers were like everyone else in finding irony that the operating system behind the Apple Watch, watchOS 2, will be late.

How iOS developers can start using 3D Touch in the iPhone 6S for mobile games

Most indie developers are probably pretty comfortable with creating apps that make use of "pinch" and "zoom" gestures by now. Mastering the art of "peek" and "pop" on an iPhone 6S may be another story entirely.

Evernote's Phil Libin has a theory about apps every developer should ponder

If you work for a technology success story long enough, you're bound to eventually get the question Phil Libin recently struggled to answer: "What are your favorite apps?" The former CEO of Evernote was a guest in an episode of the Tim Ferriss Show podcast, and he was quizzed about his personal preferences on all manner of things. When it came to mobile apps, though, he sounded stumped. In fact, he gently suggested the death knell for apps is nearer than developers may realize. 

Adobe: 50% of an app's total life span occurs within six months of an install

An app hits the point at which it accounts for 50 percent of its total life span in as little as five to six months since installation, according to Adobe. The firm's Mobile Benchmark Report 2015 is based on data from Adobe Mobile Services, which tracked more than 65 billion app launches across various industries and regions.

Apple developers share their first impressions of tvOS

Consumers were probably excited to hear about the idea of an app-driven Apple TV, but based on developers on social media it's the platform behind it, tvOS, which deserves most of the interest.

iOS devs are joining in the speculation about Apple's 'Hey Siri' event

Like the rest of the world, iOS developers would like Siri to "give them a hint" about this week's Apple product launch, but they've been content to discuss the possibilities on Twitter in the meantime.

FunPlus explains its approach to bringing greater transparency to developer programs with PublishingPlus

A few months ago, mobile game developer FunPlus announced PublishingPlus, a developer program that would include not only money and marketing help but the ability for indies to keep their intellectual property. Chief strategy officer Dan Fiden spoke with FierceDeveloper by phone to provide more context around how PublishingPlus will work. 

How Amazon's 'actually free' program could change the game for Android developers

When Amazon recently said it would change the way it pay writers whose work is available on Kindle Unlimited based on how many pages consumers read, the literary world flipped out. The authors of books aren't accustomed to being tracked so granularly, and to some it seemed unfair because there are plenty of people who buy books they never read, but want to save for later (or for some kind of bragging rights). The same is not true for mobile apps -- we don't have friends admiring all the unused mobile games in our smartphone "libraries" -- which is why Amazon's "actually free" category in its new Amazon Underground app store sounds intriguing.

Report: 44% of business app makers say UX is the most critical factor

Forty-four percent of those involved in creating enterprise apps said user experience (UX) is the most important thing to focus on, according to Progress's State of Mobility Survey 2015. The software company got responses from 3,000 people, including a mix of developers, CEOs and IT professionals.

'Playable data': How real-world context could change the mobile gaming experience

Twenty years ago, long before smartphones and mobile games were a worldwide phenomenon, Stuart Duncan was sculpting. But even then, he had an inkling of the human-computer interaction he is only now starting to create. 

The first thing app developers should do with Facebook M

While the world starts to get to know its new virtual assistant, there's at least one thing app developers can be pretty sure Facebook M won't do: help them to create a more engaging mobile experience.

Poll: 12% of Android users would consider switching to Apple's next iPhone

The next iPhone could lead 12 percent of Android users to consider switching, according to Phoenix and SessionM's mobile insights platform mXP. The stats are based on a one-question poll that ran for 24 hours last month.

Yahoo Mobile Developer Conference: Developers live-tweet from New York City

The big announcement was around in-app sharing and ad integration with its Tumblr blogging platform, but app makers were buzzing about all kinds of things on Twitter as they attended Yahoo's recent developer conference in New York City.

AT&T, Intel, Apple push to bring more women into developing

By Caroline Lewko's estimate, less than 10 percent of developers are women -- and she's excited about that. Lewko, who is the CEO of Wireless Industry Partnership, a company that supports mobile developers, said the number of women working as developers is slowly growing.

Garmin's ConnectIQ may give developers a faster route to the wearable apps market

It's helped countless people navigate their way through innovative GPS technology, but Garmin is a smart enough company to know the best way to grow its share of the wearable computing market is through a pretty standard route: creating a great app developer program. FierceDeveloper recently spoke to senior developer program manager Josh Gunkel by telephone to learn more about ConnectIQ.


The challenge indie mobile game developers share with Rovio, and how they should respond

Even if it's basically about throwing things at a flying target, it seems somehow unfair to take a shot at Rovio when it's down.  Its success not only showed how lucrative this gaming area could be, but effectively set the bar for untold numbers of other studios and even indie developers who might have hoped to follow its lead. A recent report from Superdata Research, however, pours water all over that image, with some insights that may be worth thinking about as mobile game developers create their next apps. 

Report: 39% of consumers delete apps for being 'useless'

Thirty-nine percent of people say they often delete apps because they've been 'useless,' according to The British Internet service provider recently conducted a survey of more than 1,000 people in the U.K. to better understand how consumers are using apps and mobile devices.

Developers are all in on Google Go 1.5, based on Twitter comments

The outlook from developers on social media couldn't be more clear: As far as adoption for Google's nascent programming language is concerned, it's Go time.

Will Windows Bridge be enough to get iOS developers to cross over into Microsoft territory?

With Windows 10 recently launched as its most mobile-friendly operating system ever, shouldn't Microsoft be among the available options for developers, too? Microsoft recently announced it would be offering Windows Bridge, a way of developing iOS apps for Windows 10, as an open source project available under the MIT license.

How mobile game developers should combat their biggest competitor: Boredom

When people picture the summer months, they probably imagine long walks on the beach, swimming or cooking on a barbecue. Before too long, though, playing a mobile game could be added to that list.