Apple's new 'Kids' category, revised guidelines make sense to app developers

Based on their Twitter comments, developers are more than ready to better protect children's use of mobile apps by following the revised iOS guidelines released by Apple late last week.

Canalys: Why aren't more of the top iOS apps on Android tablets?

If you're looking for the best of the iOS apps on your Android tablet, you may be out of luck, based on the latest App Interrogator research report. Released late last week by Palo Alto, Calif.-based firm Canalys, the study looked at aggregated rankings of tablet apps across both platforms and conducted manual reviews of each app's optimization.

What the convergence of mobile games on messaging apps could mean

I'm not really smart enough to argue with the late Marshall McLuhan, but I'm beginning to think that perhaps the medium isn't the message. For app developers, the message may be the new platform.

Apps That Inspire Me: Developers share their favorite downloads

Consumers show their preferences by what they download from app stores, but what resonates with other developers is not always as easy to identify. With that in mind, FierceDeveloper recently reached out to entrepreneurs across the country and asked them to pick a few titles that set the standard for excellence. This is what they told us.

App store analytics: How App Annie and Distimo are expanding measurement

When Apple's App Store celebrated its five-year anniversary last month, lots of stats, including the number of apps available and volume of downloads, were thrown around to show how the market for developers has grown. Then, a few weeks later, two of the top companies focused on mobile analytics introduced, on the exact same day, services that could change the way app store performance is monitored over the next five years.

Why Samsung's PR overture to Android developers backfired

App developers sometime think of themselves as entrepreneurs, or artisans, or innovators, but I doubt many of them realize that to the vendor community, they are increasingly viewed as influencers.

Facebook Mobile Games: Will developers 'like' it?

Facebook is all about making friends, but the social media giant may have to prove itself before it makes more connections in the mobile gaming space.

Appthority: 83% of the top apps have security risks

There's no such thing as a free app if you consider the potential costs around the security of personal information, based on the latest research from Appthority. The San Francisco-based mobile risk management firm's Appthority App Report for Summer 2013 analyzed 400 free and paid apps across both iOS and Android to come up with its conclusions.

MBaaS for beginners: An indie developer's guide

There may be only one fate worse for developers than failing to find a sizable audience: not being prepared to handle success. In this case, "success" doesn't refer to fawning coverage by technology publications, but the increased usage of consumers which could put a drain on server performance, storage capacity and the ability to manage user data. This is where the concept of working with a mobile backend as-a-service (MBaaS) provider comes in.

Google Android App Ops: It takes two to protect personal information

If an app doesn't work, research has shown consumers will be very quick to abandon it. They aren't interested in a developer's explanations--even if the explanation is that the failure is in part the consumer's own fault. Therein lies the dilemma of a new feature added in Android 4.3. Called App Ops, it allows mobile users to selectively turn various permissions in an app on or off depending upon their privacy preferences.

Mobile app code of conduct fails to impress developers

Developers on Twitter said the government's suggestion of a mobile app code of conduct lacks credibility given the recent NSA scandal over the secret surveillance of American citizens.

For months, the NTIA has been holding stakeholder briefings about the need for greater transparency around how mobile apps collect, store and manage consumer information. The code of conduct was released late last month.

Of course, those at all involved in online privacy were happy with the news.

App Annie: Google Play gets downloads, but Apple App Store generates the revenue

Google Play may have dethroned Apple's App Store in terms of downloads, but developers focused on monetization may want to stick with iOS, based on the App Annie Market Index Q2 2013. Released last week, the report examines downloads and revenues across stores, countries and app categories.

The long march toward multiplayer mobile game development

One morning, Wolff Dobson woke to a nightmarish number of e-mail messages informing him that the multiplayer mobile game he had created and was running from a pizza-box-sized server at a third-party location in Santa Clara, Calif., had at some point gone offline. This brought home an important truth: Creating and operating multiplayer games was a great opportunity, but could also take more time and resources than he was willing to put in as an indie developer.

The secret message for app developers in Apple's latest ads

Maybe enhancing every life an app touches sounds a bit grandiose for a developer who would be content with merely entertaining, and there's nothing wrong with entertaining. But Apple's message is more about being intentional with your objective than the objective itself.

@Walmart Labs' Tim Kimmet talks what's in store for mobile shoppers

Tim Kimmet

FierceDeveloper contributor Jason Ankeny talked to Tim Kimmet, @Walmart Labs' vice president of platform and systems, about the company's technological ambitions, its expanding mobile initiatives and giving the people what they want.

71% of developers pick Android as their top platform

Android and iOS may have captured the majority of developer mindshare, but platform diversification is more important than ever before, according to the Developer Economics Q3 report recently published by Vision Mobile.

Apple's developer site hack: The Twitter commentary

"We'll be back soon," read the message on Apple's developer center following a hacking attack almost two weeks ago. It's hardly surprising that makers of iOS apps were far from reassured.

Lifetime value of an app customer: Localytics, InMobi and others explain the calculations

Developers are focusing on a metric for measuring their success dubbed the "lifetime value of a customer" (LTV). If you're new to LTV, here's a crash course that will help you assess your progress.

AppNation: App economy will double to $151B by 2017

Over the next four years, money flowing through mobile apps will reach $151 billion, or double the amount today, according to the first report published by AppNation. The conference producer surveyed 2,500 U.S. consumers and aggregated data from Flurry and others as part of its research.

Google Boutique: What a new kind of app store might mean for Glass app developers

When developers submit an app in Google Play, they know what consumers will end up seeing: a name, an icon, a description and maybe some screen shots. Which is fine for the average Android app, but as the use cases for Google Glass begin to explode, the world may need a lot more detail about what's available for download.