Tapjoy and AppEngage show how ad networks are changing the game for devs

All developers would probably like to attract more "whales"--consumers who tend to spend a lot of money inside a mobile game--or turn existing users into a whale, but the ad networks are trying to show them that there are plenty of other fish in the sea. 

Distimo: In-app purchases accounted for 79% of iOS revenue in January

The paid download model still has some life in it, but freemium apps with in-app purchases are now dominating the market and accounted for 79 percent of iOS app revenue this past January, according to Distimo. 

Yahoo Games Network: Will devs want to play?

When Yahoo! introduced its Yahoo Games Network, developers on Twitter were quick to recognize the move as a way for Yahoo to build upon its acquisition of Player.IO. Others were more skeptical. 

Why $10,000 isn't enough to buy BlackBerry developer loyalty

As if it wasn't difficult enough for BlackBerry to get more apps created for BB10, recent controversy over a botched developer contest probably will not help matters. The contest snafu is just another sign the company hasn't quite gotten its act together. 

Social casino gaming: The best bets for developers looking to cash in

The odds are probably a little better than what you'll find on the average table in Caesar's Palace or the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, but for most app developers the social casino market may still look like a risky roll of the dice. Signs, however, indicate this is a niche with a momentum all its own.

Report: 62% of consumers use more than one news app

It may not have the allure of mobile gaming, but with 62 percent of consumers using more than one news app, the news app market might be ripe for takeoff. 

Google's upcoming wearable SDK piques developer interest in what fits

Developers won't have to wait too much longer for Google to release a software-development kit designed to make it easier to incorporate Google's Android platform into wearable devices. Based on their reactions on Twitter, developers are eager to get their hands on it.

What Facebook's revamped News Feed should teach developers about iterating

Leave it to Facebook to teach developers how to stay friends with users--or at least avoid making any enemies. The redesign of the social media giant's newsfeed late last week is probably the biggest UI overhaul to happen on a major platform so far this year, and as usual, it will undergo a lot of scrutiny.

Mobile backend-as-a-service: How developers can become the next Zynga or King

A lot of developers probably use cloud computing to store their personal music library, stream movies at home or book hotels, but they may not be so sure about using the cloud to create their next mobile game. For the last few years, a number of firms have created mobile backend-as-a-service (mBaas) offerings that allow developers to offload chores like hosting or managing servers to keep apps up and running. 

50% of in-app revenues come from 0.15% of users

It's becoming conventional wisdom that paid downloads are out and the freemium model is here to stay, but half of the revenue from in-app purchases come from a meager 0.15 percent, according to Swrve's Mobile Games Monetization Report. 

Siri API reports spark developers' imaginations

Reports surfaced that Apple is considering offering up the Siri API to third-party developers as it potentially creates an "iWatch" or some kind of wearable computing device that runs on iOS. Though Apple, of course, has admitted nothing, that didn't stop a number of developers on Twitter from getting really excited about the possibilities.

5 Samsung Galaxy S5 design elements all app developers should steal

When Samsung launched the Galaxy S5 in Barcelona, Spain, last week, it did so without a lot of the flash that accompanied earlier product introductions. Samsung said it had boiled down its design priorities to a mere handful. As Samsung marketing exec David Park and others walked through these priorities, it struck me that they could provide an equally compelling roadmap for the developers who will be making apps for the Galaxy S5, or even competing devices like the iPhone 5s, for example.

The automation of lifetime value: How developers can track LTV

Lifetime value (LTV) can be defined in many ways, but for the most part it's a determination of how much revenue each customer will generate based on the length of time they use a particular app. Working with LTV takes some getting used to, but it can be extremely helpful in letting developers be more strategic with the way they market their apps and how they attempt to monetize them.  

How devs responded to BlackBerry's new Z3 and Q20 devices

BlackBerry managed to surprise onlookers by launching two new devices of its own at the Mobile World Congress trade show in Barcelona, Spain. Developers on Twitter didn't take long to render their verdict on the prospect of new BlackBerry hardware.  

Vserv survey: 82% of developers struggle with monetization

An overwhelming majority of developers have a hard time making money, but as they add more apps to their portfolio, that begins to change, according to The company recently released the results of a survey that looked across a broad range of issues among independent app developers.

The downfall of Intel's AppUp experiment, explained

The stats from just two years ago sound pretty good to me: A new user every 56 seconds. A download every 16 seconds. More than 2.6 billion possible devices to run the apps on. And yet, there's nothing too surprising about Intel's decision to close its AppUp app store, other than what took so long. 

Cross-platform apps? There's a tool for that

The questions facing developers who decide to take a cross-platform approach to apps must be endless. Are the code bases parallel? Is the user interface consistent? And perhaps most importantly, is this really worth all the effort? A lot of tools are available to developers who want to take a cross-platform approach, but finding the right solution may be almost as much work as building the app itself. 

Report: Digital content market grows 30%, driven largely by mobile apps

The digital content market surged 30 percent between 2012 and 2013, with apps driving much of the growth, according to a report from IHS and App Annie. The joint research study also looked across digital games, music and movies and found that overall consumer spending on mobile apps jumped 2.3x year-over-year.

Facebook's $16B WhatsApp purchase has developers dumbfounded

There was a time when developers might have been envious of Instagram and its history-making acquisition by Facebook, but Facebook's recent $16 billion purchase of WhatsApp has raised the stakes even higher.

In defense of Flappy Bird creator's decision to shut his mobile game down

The only thing that seemed to happen more suddenly and quickly than the success of Flappy Bird was the vilification of its creator after he shut it down. I think you have to remember that consumer apps and mobile games are entertainment, and there is a long history in the entertainment industry of superstars who have tried to walk away from their greatest success.