Would you pay $99 for Moga's portable game controller?

When iOS 7 launched there were hopes that it would usher in a new era of mobile gaming. Now, thanks to Moga, developers are starting to see what that area is going to look like.

How Unity became the battleground for mobile game analytics

All app developers know that if they want their mobile games to succeed, they have to be available on Apple's iOS, Google's Android or both. And for many of them, getting there now means working with Unity.

In-car app market may be ready for test drive

Get in the car. Fasten your seatbelt. Turn on the ignition. Choose an app. That last step may not be typical for the average driver today, but mobile and auto industry experts are suggesting that after a long gestation period, the market for in-car apps is finally about to take off. There is still some question, however, of how many independent app developers will be along for the ride.

What Twitter's journey to an IPO should teach developers

There seemed to be plenty of people cheering Twitter on a few weeks ago when the company successfully launched its initial public offerings, but independent app developers were probably not among...

Amazon offers HD opportunity for devs with Appstream

Amazon's plans to make room in its cloud computing service for mobile app developers who want to offer an HD experience are being welcomed with open arms.

Report: Android users more likely than iOS users to share news articles via apps

Android users are two to three times more likely to share articles with friends than iOS users, according to a recent study from Rumble. The New York-based provider of mobile software for publishers tracked event tags on native iOS and Android apps on both phones and tablets using its platform between May and July.

Klamr hopes to integrate social, messaging capabilities with new app

Brian Pelz, CEO and founder of Klamr, spoke to FierceDeveloper contributing editor Mariko Hewer about the company's adoption strategy for its new app and business plans for the next few months.

The Internet of Things needs app developers

Hung LeHong has a pop quiz for you. Within five years, guess how many items in the home of an average affluent American could be connected to the Internet? Think big.

Rating the iOS user experience: Does it stand out?

Developers compare platforms all the time, but France-based Pfeiffer Consulting recently decided to offer a benchmark-style evaluation of the five major mobile OSes to see how well iOS 7 ranked in terms of mobile user experience.

BlackBerry's uncertain future leaves app developers in limbo

For several years now, it's felt as though most developers had their eyes focused on Apple and Google, while BlackBerry was someone on the side, within their peripheral vision. Now I can't imagine the company is in their line of sight at all.

Microsoft's merger of Windows Store, Windows Phone accounts is a hit with devs

Microsoft knows it needs to do more to make potential Windows Phone developers happy, and last week the company took two big steps in that direction.

Distimo, MEF report says free apps with in-app purchases generate 'majority of revenue'

In-app purchases made in free apps are the primary way that developers make money in both of the world's major app stores, according to a report from Distimo and the MEF. The two organizations partnered on a new study of the revenue generated from smartphone apps on a global basis.

Opera's Mobile Store for apps: The pros and cons for developers

Being No. 5 usually isn't something to brag about, but in an area as crowded as the app store market, Opera says it has reasons for developers to reconsider it as a source of distribution, monetization and more. Late last month the Norwegian mobile browser firm reported that its Opera Mobile store has tripled in size over the past year.

Don't imitate Apple's approach to dealing with user feedback on iOS 7

You can dismiss a lot of negative feedback in online forums as mere griping from "comment trolls," but it's going to be harder for Apple to brush Lawrence Lessig aside. The company...

Attendees discuss app opportunities, new SDKs at Samsung's first developer conference

Samsung recently held its first developer conference in San Francisco, where the consumer electronics giant released five different SDKs to create apps for its smartphones, tablets and smart TVs.

What the Ubuntu opportunity looks like for mobile app developers

Its code name is "Saucy Salamander," but if Canonical wants its latest operating system to succeed, it has to find a way for Ubuntu 13.10 to slither into more mobile apps. London-based...

When does an app 'hobbyist' become an app developer?

Say what you will about app developers in the U.K., but they certainly can't be accused of taking themselves too seriously. Last week Microsoft (NASDAQ:MSFT) released the results of a survey it...

InMobi: App interstitial ads converting for developers, publishers

The idea of interrupting an app experience with an ad that comes between screens may be scary to developers, but consumers seem to be warming up to "interstitials," based on a recent report from InMobi.

Microsoft's Frank Shaw draws developer heckling over iWork post

Microsoft's corporate VP of communications managed to generate more reaction than anything the company launched last week when he penned a blog post in reaction to Apple's decision to drop fees for its iWork suite of apps.

What's next in free-to-play games?

SAN FRANCISCO--Fully 95 percent of all mobile games in the future will be free to play, predicted one top industry player here at the GMIC show. But what exactly does that mean for the mobile gaming market and the players still hoping to cash in on the space?