Roblox CEO: Company attracts and aids 'first time creators'

While most developers tend to focus on creating games specific to a smartphone or tablet versus a desktop, Roblox offers a platform whereby it hosts games in a cloud computing environment and then streams them to various devices. This will soon include the Xbox gaming console. FierceDeveloper recently with Roblox's CEO to get a better sense of how the company is offering an alternative approach to the gaming sector.

Why mobile game developers ignore Kanye West's criticism at their peril

"They take my money/when I'm in neeeed/Yeah they're trifling friends indeed/Oh yeah they're some gold diggers/way over town/that dig on me." The lyrics above are my modest attempt to tweak the opening words of "Gold Digger," a song by Kanye West that was originally about a certain kind of woman but could now be better aimed at mobile game developers in general.

Report: 62% of app developers are self-taught

Despite all the education and resources available to them, nearly 62 percent of all mobile app developers are self-taught, according to Stablekernel. The firm conducted a global survey of nearly 500 mobile developers from North America, Latin America, Europe and Asia between July 9 to Sept. 9 for its report, Empowering Mobile Developers in 2015: A Global Survey of the Mobile Development Industry.

An iOS developer's plea for changes from Apple drew immediate support on Twitter

What started as a plaintive cry from a lone iOS developer has quickly been picked up by his peers on social media, asking for Apple to make an important change to the way it works with them.

Games for change: How some developers are changing the world, one mobile game at a time

At first glance, Sidekick Cycle sounds like any other traditional mobile game. It promises a" side-scrolling bike racing game where players avoid obstacles, perform tricks, and collect coins across 30 stages." There's one difference, however: Every time it has been downloaded close to 400 times, an organization known as World Bicycle Relief gets half of the proceeds from in-app purchases to send a bicycle to an impoverished community.

The surprising logic behind Microsoft's mobile platform strategy

It's just so weird: When Apple launched the iPad Pro, a lot of people were comparing it to Microsoft's Surface. Now the industry is wondering whether Microsoft will take the Surface experience and squeeze it into something that could better compete with the iPhone.

Fiksu: Getting a loyal app audience has reached the $4 threshold

Spending on mobile advertising to attract an app customer with staying power has reached an all-time high of $4, according to Fiksu. The company's App Store Competitive Index, which tracks the average aggregate daily downloads of the top 200 free iOS apps, looks at the cost per loyal user (CPLU) on a regular basis. It also publishes a Cost-Per-Install (CPI) Index that looks at initial user acquisition costs.

Merch By Amazon: The social media response from mobile game devs

"I played this mobile game and all I got was this lousy T-shirt!" It might not be something you see a lot today, but that could change with Merch By Amazon, a recently-launched service by the e-commerce giant aimed primarily at mobile game devs. 

The studio culture that allows mobile game developers to grow and thrive

The formal interview had taken place hours before, and as is their custom occasionally, the team at Electronic Art's studio in Toronto had decided to go to a nearby watering hole for a drink, and asked the candidate to join them. That's when someone who had seemed like a promising potential hire started to look a lot different.

The ad-blocking reality app developers must face

It's a little awkward writing about the concept of ad-blocking technology when you work in a sector that is largely monetized through advertising, but here goes: The fact that ad-blocking apps rose to the top of the App Store charts shouldn't have surprised anyone, least of all app and mobile game developers.

comScore: Apps represent 54% of the time spent consuming digital media

Mobile apps are driving 54 percent of the time consumers spend on digital media, according to comScore. The company recently released its 2015 Mobile App Report, based on behavioral data it tracks from its proprietary platform.

Android devs make room for larger apps as Google doubles APK size to 100MB

Bigger doesn't always mean better, but Google's decision to double the maximum size of APKs in Google Play may prove to be a hit with Android developers.

The beginner's guide to creating tvOS apps for Apple TV

At one point in time, there were dramas and sitcoms so valued by their audience that they were sometimes referred to as "appointment television." Later, major networks described some of their shows as "must-see TV." It's not exactly clear, though, how we'll convey the tvOS apps that all consumers should download for Apple TV.

True or false: The 'golden era' of mobile game development is still to come?

With major studios like Rovio announcing layoffs, abandonment rates continuing to climb and increasing challenges with in-app monetization, there have to be days when even the most optimistic mobile game developer wonders if the best days of the industry are behind it.

Localytics: 75% of app users will churn within 90 days

Three-quarters of app users will "churn" and become inactive within the first three months, and 58 percent will do the same within 30 days, according to Localytics. The company recently released data based on 40 million Android and iOS devices downloaded in May.

Apple devs on Twitter: About that Xcode malware issue...

Malware attacks are never fun, and developers sounded less than amused by a security issue in Apple's App Store involving a modded version of Xcode.

The pros and cons of creating a 'premium' mobile game vs. F2P

The word "premium" can have many connotations. It could mean "exclusive" in some contexts, "expensive" in others or generally referring to higher quality. In the case of mobile game developers, it's probably supposed to be a mixture of all three.

What mobile game devs should learn from EA's sudden decision to kill off several titles at once

One of the most challenging things in a mobile game is knowing when to call it quits. If you're the developer of the mobile game in question, it might be all about what makes best sense for your business. Earlier this month the mobile gaming community was taken aback by a decision from Electronic Arts (EA) to discontinue a dozen of its titles.

Crittercism: iOS 9 adoption will be at least three days faster than iOS 8

iOS 9 will likely be three days faster in attracting half of all Apple device users to upgrade compared with previous versions, according to Crittericism. The mobile app performance testing firm created a forecast for the platform's adoption based on more than 26 billion app loads.

watchOS 2 delay: The reaction from Apple developers

For a device that was once known only for keeping track of time, app developers were like everyone else in finding irony that the operating system behind the Apple Watch, watchOS 2, will be late.