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Latest Headlines

Report: 49% of app users would be willing to pay a monthly subscription

While nearly half of all consumers are willing to pay a monthly subscription for an app they love, nearly as many said they would be willing to pay less than $25 a month, according to a recent study from Branchfire.

The Italian Job: To prove F2P games should lose the 'free' in advertising

Mobile game developers have a choice: Completely ignore what's happening in Italy right now, or prepare themselves for the fact that the "free" ride may soon be over.

Vision Mobile: 60% of developers living below 'app poverty line'

The majority of developers still make less than $500 per app per month, but the overall "app poverty line" has moved from 67 percent to 60 percent, according to Vision Mobile's Developer Economics Q1 2014 report. The analysis firm researched data from more than 7,000 app developers from 127 countries, from the United States and China to Kenya and Brazil.

What the NSA's use of Angry Birds will mean for other developers

There are probably a number of app developers who would like to fling something painful at Rovio. And you could hardly blame them.  Not that the creators of  Angry Birds  would be the only targets. Since the  New York Times  reported  that the NSA and a similar organization in Britain have been culling personal data via smartphone apps, the floodgates for criticism and even hacking have been blown wide open.

Report: Nearly half of consumers ignore in-app ads

For all the hype around in-app advertising, developers should realize that consumers are tuning them out, according to a recent report from Forrester Research.

Pre-launch marketing, in-app chat and other tips to create die-hard mobile gaming addicts

Creating a mobile game requires plenty of hard work and creativity. But creating the game itself is just the first step in a long and involved process that developers hope will result in a dedicated--even addicted--fan base. How can developers migrate their customers from casual players to die-hard gamers? A number of developers offer their views.

Appboy, Flurry, Kii help developers segment customers for better retention

Instead of viewing customers as just part of the mass market, new developer tools help highlight individuals with unique needs, expectations, tastes and potential for engagement. While most developers don't have the technology or manpower to deal with people on a one-on-one basis, they may be able to sort users in a more knowledgeable way. This, in a nutshell, is mobile app audience segmentation, and it's an industry segment that's likely to mature significantly in the next few years.

The Kickstarter approach to mobile apps: How to get started with $1,000

AppStori, which is still in beta, is among a handful of firms offering various forms of crowdsourcing in the mobile app space, where developers work directly with their target audience to solicit ideas and improvements for their games and tools and in the process, provide more transparency to the development process.

A game app developer's guide to monetization

The most popular gaming apps challenge players to chase after pigs and aliens, destroy fruit and even play god. For the developers who make them, there's an even bigger challenge: finding a path to profitability.