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Latest Headlines

More than 75 percent of new app users fail to return the day after first use, study shows

User retention remains an ongoing challenge for many mobile application developers, which is reflected in a new study from mobile marketing automation platform provider Appboy. 

Report: Users come back to social and messaging apps 2-3 times a day

Users return to social networking and messaging apps on average three times per day, according to the Q3 Mobile Benchmarks Report from  Adjust. The mobile app analytics and attribution firm looked at app retention among consumers a week after they had installed an app.

Fiksu: Cost of getting loyal app users went up 30% in June

The volume of app downloads increased by 24 percent in June but the cost of getting a loyal user went up even higher, according to Fiksu.

Report: 42% of mobile users are coming back to apps at least 11 times

Consumers can often seem fairly fickle in terms of the apps they use regularly, but U.S. retention actually improved last year to where 42 percent came back to an app 11 or more times, according to new numbers Localytics. The company's most recent study also looked at the number of people who abandoned an app after the first try.

Report: Android trails iOS in 30-day mobile game retention by 72%

Android mobile games trail iOS in retention over a 30-day period by an average of 72 percent, according to AppsFlyer. "iOS dominates gaming retention, widening gap with Android over time," the report said.

New index measures 'power,' 'loyal' app users

The fourth quarter of 2013 and the first quarter of 2014 were volatile quarters for app engagement--in opposite directions, according to Localytics.

The real reason Facebook bought Onavo

Since the news broke last week that Facebook was acquiring Onavo for an undisclosed sum, there has been plenty of speculation about how the startup might play a role in the social networking giant's future ambitions. Onavo is a developer of apps designed to help smartphone users understand how much data apps are taking up on their smartphones and then compress that data.

How to find, keep and maximize your iPhone or Android app's 'power users'

Every successful product has them, and they can go by various names. To some, they are the superfans. To others, they might better be called the die-hards. According to experts in the mobile marketing space, however, app developers should take a closer look and figure out how to get closer to what they refer to as "power users."