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Latest Headlines

Bluetooth SIG establishes mesh working group for Internet of Things

The Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG) is forming the Bluetooth Smart Mesh Working Group to look at standardizing mesh networking for Bluetooth Smart technology and explore various use case scenarios to benefit from mesh, from the smart home to other Internet of Things (IoT) verticals.

Eero sets out to redefine home Wi-Fi networking

Even though the Wi-Fi router space has seen its fair share of newcomers who claim they know how to build a better mousetrap, a new slick Wi-Fi router from Eero is turning heads.

Ofcom seeks comments on changes to UWB regulations

The UK's Ofcom is seeking comments on a proposal to change regulations around license-exempt ultra-wideband (UWB) devices intended to reduce the regulatory burden on stakeholders and allow them to consult on one set of regulations rather than three.

Chicago, L.A. install Bluetooth beacons in transit areas

The Chicago Transit Authority is launching a pilot project that involves the use of beacon technology for transit authorities, consumers and brands, including the potential for coupon offers for travelers within range of a store,  Mobile Marketer  reports.

Open Garden's off-network FireChat app catches on during Hong Kong protests

Pro-democracy protests are making FireChat a household name among dissidents in Hong Kong, many of whom have been downloading and using the network-free communications app from San Francisco-based Open Garden.

Sprint's Phone Connect 3 cuts the landline cord but keeps the phones

Sprint is providing transitional technology to people who want to cut the cord and use their mobile phone number as their only personal number but still like the convenience of having a call ring in on their landline phones.

CEVA extending IoT presence by paying $19M for RivieraWaves

Recognizing the rapidly growing interest in wearables and the Internet of Things (IoT), CEVA has agreed to pay some $19 million to acquire privately held RivieraWaves, a four-year-old company specializing in silicon and software intellectual property (IP) related to Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity.

Qualcomm says it will rely on its core strengths in connected car market

Qualcomm is playing to its strengths in the connected car market rather than attempting to compete with established chipmakers that provide engine management and safety systems, according to the U.S.-based company's director of marketing.

ABI: Nearly 9B wireless connectivity chipsets to ship during 2019

Annual wireless connectivity chipset shipments across Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, NFC, GPS, and ZigBee show no sign of slowing down and will reach almost 9 billion annual shipments in 2019.

Berg Insight: Mobile location-based advertising will be worth €10.7B in 2018

The mobile location-based advertising and marketing (LBA) market will grow from €1.2 billion ($1.6 billion) in 2013 to €10.7 billion in 2018, latest figures say.