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Latest Headlines

Apple's iOS 7 taking cellular out of networking

Cellular? You "don't need no stinking" cellular if you have Open Garden's recently released FireChat app, which is driving interest in a heretofore little-known connectivity feature that Apple included in iOS 7.

ABI: NFC lags QR codes and SMS in 34B mobile ticketing market

Over 34 billion tickets will be delivered to mobile devices over the next five years, according to latest forecasts by ABI Research.

The 7 app developer moments that mattered in 2013

They came, they saw, they downloaded. Well, some of them downloaded. Consumer interest in apps continued to climb in 2013, but for the developers who created them, the year was filled with a variety of platform changes, concerns over how user data is handled, an emphasis on analytics and more than a few surprising mergers and acquisitions. Thus, FierceDeveloper is taking a look back on the year that was to put some of the biggest stories in perspective.

Location-aware ad firm expanding to 6,600 U.S. convenience stores

Toronto-based iSign Media Solutions is expanding its location-aware advertising platform to some 6,600 convenience stores in the United States.

University touts GapSense software to control data traffic

Client-side software developed by researchers at the University of Michigan has been shown to control the onslaught of mobile data traffic and reduce interference among devices using Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and Zigbee.

In-car Wi-Fi to grow eightfold over seven years

Though Wi-Fi has low attach rates in automotive applications in North America and Western Europe, that is on the verge of changing as IMS Research estimates the market for Wi-Fi in original equipment manufacturer (OEM) automotive applications will expand eightfold over the next seven years.

Bluetooth tipped for top in wireless medicine

Bluetooth is set to become the most prominent technology in wireless-equipped consumer medical devices by 2016, IMS Research predicts.   The research firm forecasts tha

Is white space the next frontier for mobile operators?

Much has been promised from the potential of utilising white space spectrum, which is basically unused gaps between TV broadcast channels. The broadcast industry has fiercely resisted any intrusion

US work on covert networks uncovered

The US government is reportedly wielding connectivity as a weapon for change, leading efforts to set up shadow telecom networks in autocratic countries.   Several secre

Nanoscoop could slash battery recharge times

One of the challenges of wireless gadgetry in the age of 4G, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth is battery life.