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Latest Headlines

CTIA names former FCC commissioner Baker to replace Largent as CEO

The CTIA said that Meredith Attwell Baker, a current NBCUniversal executive and former Republican commissioner at the FCC, will replace Steve Largent as president and CEO of the wireless trade group, effective June 2. Baker will become the first woman to be president of CTIA. Largent, 59,  announced his retirement last October and has served as president since 2003.

Carriers, along with Apple, Samsung, Nokia and others, join forces on anti-theft measures

The nation's largest wireless carriers and device makers banded together to support voluntary anti-theft measures for smartphones released starting next year. The action comes amid mounting efforts by state lawmaker to mandate so-called "kill switches" in smartphones and tablets that would render the devices useless if stolen.

L.A. TV stations show broadcast channel sharing for 600 MHz auction is possible

The CTIA and two TV stations in Los Angeles finished a pilot to test whether stations can share the same broadcast spectrum and concluded that it is technically possible. The tests were designed to show other broadcast stations that channel sharing can be an alternative for stations that want to give up their spectrum as part of next year's FCC incentive auctions of 600 MHz broadcast spectrum.

Proposed California law would mandate 'kill switch' for stolen phones and tablets

Lawmakers in California are proposing legislation that would require wireless carriers install a so-called "kill switch" in smartphone and tablets sold in the state that would render the devices useless if stolen. If passed and signed into law, the bill would require phones and tablets sold in California on or after Jan. 1, 2015, to include the antitheft solution.

FCC approves broadcast spectrum sharing pilot for L.A. TV stations

The FCC, as had been expected, approved a CTIA plan to partner with two Los Angeles TV stations to conduct a pilot project with the aim of showing that the stations can share the same broadcast spectrum.

CTIA, L.A. TV stations launch pilot to demonstrate broadcast spectrum sharing

The CTIA is partnering with two Los Angeles TV stations to launch a pilot project to show that the stations can share the same broadcast spectrum. The pilot is part of effort to gin up support among broadcasters to participate in next year's planned incentive auctions of 600 MHz broadcast TV spectrum.

What the CTIA gets wrong with KnowMyApp.org

There is something incredibly sad and out of touch about KnowMyApp.org, a site created by the CTIA. KnowMyApp.org offers test results on the top 50 iOS and Android apps and attempts to estimate what kind of impact consumers could expect in terms of data use if they download it. What's branded as an educational tool becomes, in effect, a form of public shaming for developers and a tool to discourage app discovery in favor of conserving wireless spectrum. And it will do absolutely nothing.

Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile and U.S. Cellular agree to new cell phone unlocking rules

The CTIA said five of the nation's largest U.S. wireless carriers agreed to simplify and standardize their policies on unlocking cell phones and tablets. However, it seems likely that it could be a year or longer before all of the procedures are fully in place.

FCC, carriers reportedly near deal on cell phone unlocking

The FCC and wireless carriers are reportedly close to an agreement that would streamline the process for customers who want to unlock their cell phones, just a few weeks after FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler said the CTIA and the wireless industry should act by year-end or expect the FCC to issue regulations on the issue.

Lawmakers want to update Communications Act for broadband era

Two leading Republican lawmakers said Tuesday they want to start a multi-year effort to reform the Communications Acts of 1996 and update it for the age of broadband communications and next-generation wireless services.