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Latest Headlines

Facebook unveils SDK for Swift beta

The company this month announced the Facebook SDK for Swift beta, which enables developers to integrate their iOS mobile apps with services on the social network.

Facebook to enlist E-band spectrum for enormous flying drone Aquila

Facebook's Connectivity Lab announced a big milestone toward its goal of providing internet to the unconnected: The first full-scale test flight of Aquila, its high-altitude unmanned aircraft.

Jarich on Facebook's OpenCellular: Old shirt, new starch, fancy designer label?

Back at the start of the month, Facebook announced OpenCellular, its open-source radio access platform. It wasn't that difficult to see it coming. Yet, I'm not so sure that OpenCellular is going to have a massive impact on the market. It's not that I want it to fail. It's just that I feel like we've all been here before in some fundamental ways.

Facebook's Connectivity Lab uses light collector to achieve data rates of more than 2 Gbps

Researchers from Facebook's Connectivity Lab say they've demonstrated a conceptually new approach for detecting optical communication signals traveling through the air – and it could have implications for delivering internet service to far-flung places around the world.

Facebook introduces OpenCellular, a new open source wireless platform to reach the underserved

In its latest attempt to connect the unconnected, Facebook said it has designed and tested an open source and cost-effective, software-defined wireless access platform. The company said it plans to open-source the hardware design and related firmware and control software so that telecom operators, OEMs and others can build and operate wireless infrastructure based on the platform.

Facebook's Parikh: Telecom Infra Project 'getting off the ground now' with more than 100 members

Announced earlier this year, Facebook's Telecom Infra Project (TIP) was launched as a way for players to "develop new technologies and rethink approaches to deploying network architecture." And Facebook's Jay Parikh said that the group has made some significant progress during the past few months.

Facebook, YouTube up the mobile live streaming ante with new features

The stars appear to be aligning for the mobile live streaming industry, as both Facebook and YouTube announced expanded capabilities for their respective apps, making live streaming more accessible and more directly competitive with Twitter-owned Periscope.

Facebook pushes for more sharing- not less- in millimeter wave spectrum

As the FCC prepares to vote on millimeter wave spectrum proposals next month, Facebook is urging the commission to adopt a use-it-or-share-it license approach and open up access to more unlicensed spectrum in millimeter wave bands, particularly the 64-71 GHz band.

Facebook reportedly working with T-Mobile to join Binge On

Facebook is working with T-Mobile to make its video technically compliant with the carrier's Binge On offering,  Recode  reported late Thursday.

Facebook launches support for SMS in Messenger for Android

Facebook launched support for SMS within Messenger for Android, enabling users to send and receive traditional text messages without switching out of the app.