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Latest Headlines

Report: HTC to privately demo a smart watch at MWC

Smartphone maker HTC plans to privately demonstrate the first of its three planned wearable devices next week at the Mobile World Congress trade show in Barcelona, Spain, according to a  Bloomberg  report.

Online video players remain mum on Comcast-TWC merger review

If Comcast is successful in completing its acquisition of Time Warner Cable, it will become the gatekeeper to broadband customers and TV viewers in almost every major U.S. market. But as the merger heads to the review stage, what will online video players have to say about conditions for the deal? 

Analysts: Facebook's WhatsApp deal won't sting U.S. carriers, but may affect those in emerging markets

Facebook's $16 billion deal for over-the-top messaging service WhatsApp likely will not have a major impact on U.S. carriers and other Western operators because most have begun offering unlimited voice and text messaging. However, the action could put pressure on carriers in emerging markets, according to industry analysts.

10 reasons Google should own Verizon by 2017

A Google-Verizon marriage would be the largest corporate merger ever, dwarfing the $164 billion AOL-Time Warner merger in 2000. I have no idea if Google and Verizon are discussing a merger. But here are 10 points to consider, including reasons why the deal makes sense and signs that it could actually happen.

Nokia teases with 'X' image as Android phone rumors swirl

Nokia teased an image ahead of its press conference at the Mobile World Congress trade show next week, where it is expected to unveil phone running a" forked" version of  Google's Android platform.

Reports: Samsung's new Galaxy Gear smart watch to run Tizen, not Android

Samsung Electronics will debut a second version of its smart watch, the Galaxy Gear, next week, according to multiple reports. And according to several of those reports the watch will run on the Tizen operating system and not Android, as the first iteration of the Galaxy Gear does.

European leaders discuss home-grown comms network to prevent U.S. spying

The leaders of France and Germany are reportedly set to discuss ways to circumvent U.S. surveillance of European communications, at the same time as the U.S. secretary of state pushes China to reduce web censorship.

Android on Microsoft phones? Developers are sharply divided

If the rumors about Microsoft bringing Android to its mobile phones are true, the company can expect a sharply divided developer community.

Rumor Mill: Nokia's 'Normandy' forked Android phone to cost $110

Nokia's rumored phone running a forked version of Google's Android platform, codenamed "Normandy," will retail for around $110, according to a Vietnamese retail site.

Sprint still backs Tizen as other carriers waver

Sprint is still backing the Tizen Association and just joined as a partner member, contrary to a recent report that the carrier had dropped its support for the fledgling operating system.