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Latest Headlines

Google's App Indexing: U.S. brands may be missing out on valuable app data, Searchmetrics says

Searchmetrics, a German search engine optimization platform provider, has discovered the majority of U.S. brands could be missing out on opportunities to drive app traffic, engagement and conversions via Google searches.

Google gets license for nationwide airborne mmWave testing

The FCC has given Google the go-ahead to conduct nationwide airborne and terrestrial millimeter wave testing, granting it an experimental license that had sparked informal objections from commenters registering their concerns about health effects and interference.

As Google Fiber and AT&T dally, San Francisco explores taking FTTH matters into its own hands

With Google Fiber planning only to bring its 1 Gbps service into a few targeted apartment communities, and widespread gigabit services by other providers like AT&T months away, the city of San Francisco is exploring how much it would cost to build its own municipal fiber network to serve residents and businesses.

Report: Apple leans on Google for iCloud, iTunes, other cloud offerings, cuts spending on Amazon's AWS

Apple quietly struck a deal late last year to use Google Cloud Platform in a move that has enabled it to cut back its dependence on Amazon Web Services, according to a report from CRN.

T-Mobile adds YouTube, adult content and more to Binge On

T-Mobile finally added YouTube to Binge On, filling a noticeable void that existed since the program's launch in November. But that isn't the only new Binge On content partner that's sure to raise eyebrows.

Google to boost rankings of mobile-optimized sites in mobile search results again

Google said it will issue an update to its mobile search results that will once again boost the rankings of mobile-friendly pages over sites that aren't optimized for smaller devices.

Moody's: FCC's new privacy rules will hurt AT&T and Verizon's chances to compete with Facebook, Google

The FCC's proposed privacy restrictions on mobile and fixed-line broadband providers will make it harder for them to compete with digital advertisers such as Facebook and Google, companies that won't be subject to those new rules, according to Moody's.

Indonesian startup Helion pursues lower-tech version of Google's Project Loon

A team of graduates of Indonesia's Bandung Institute of Technology (ITB) is working on a low-tech version of Google's Project Loon. Called Helion, the plan is to use tethered balloons at a maximum height of a couple hundred meters to distribute a Wi-Fi signal to the surrounding area.

Google's Chromecast now owns 35% of the global OTT device market

Google's Chromecast has assumed 35 percent share of the global OTT device market, according to research firm Strategy Analytics.

Starry hires former Google Fiber exec to help expand fixed wireless network

Starry, the startup that is developing millimeter wave band active phased array technology for consumer Internet connections, is getting some help from a former Google Fiber executive in its quest to set up alliances with partners in the U.S. and around the world.