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Latest Headlines

Rumor mill: LG's rumored Nexus phone seen in new leaked photos

Rumors have been spreading since May that Google is working with two OEMs to create its next Nexus-branded phones running Android M software: a 5.7-inch Huawei device and a 5.2-inch phone from LG Electronics. Now, images purporting to show the LG-made device have surfaced.

Google's Project Ara still plans to launch modular smartphones in Puerto Rican pilot

Lost in the tidal wave of news coverage this week about Google's decision to reorganize itself and split out its businesses under a holding company called Alphabet was the fate of Google's many projects under its Advanced Technology and Projects group. One of the most high-profile of those, Project Ara, indicated this week that it's not giving up on its mission of creating modular smartphones.

Devs sound ready and eager to try Android Experiments on for size

Wearable computing may be hard to get your head around, even for experienced developers, which is probably why so many of them are welcoming Google's new "playground" where they can see what makes a good fit.

Wi-Fi calling is now a key part of wireless operator's networks

Wireless operators now consider Wi-Fi calling to be a key part of their service offering as companies like AT&T, Sprint and Google make Wi-Fi a key part of their service offerings.

T-Mobile, Apple and others champion Wi-Fi calling as technology matures

Wireless carriers are interested in offering Wi-Fi calling because it's cheaper for their customers, especially when you consider the cost of international roaming. It helps carriers provide better coverage, and they don't have to spend thousands of dollars on new base stations. Special report

Report: Google to test drones in U.S. using LTE frequencies

Google has been testing its drone delivery program in U.S. airspace and plans further tests in rural California after striking a deal with NASA, according to a  Guardian  report.

YouTube to remain under Google brand, Wojcicki's leadership after reorg to Alphabet

Google's OTT juggernaut, YouTube, will remain a part of the company after the search engine giant reorganizes as a number of separate subsidiaries under a new holding company, Alphabet.

Google Fiber likely to rebrand after Alphabet reorg: report

Google's surprise, late-afternoon Monday announcement that it will reorganize under a new holding company dubbed Alphabet may have some interesting ramifications for Google Fiber, as well as home automation-focused company Nest.

Google's Pichai could shake up Android, but likely not at first

Google's decision to reorganize itself and split out its businesses under a parent company called Alphabet and to put Sundar Pichai in place as the new CEO of the core Google business could have long-term implications for Google's Android mobile operating system, but they likely won't be felt for a while.

Dropping the Google+ requirement for Android betas may be one of the most social things the company has ever done

It's the company that became famous for the term "perpetual beta," and while developers might not go that far, their comments on Twitter suggest they're thrilled with Google's decision to make it easier to offer private betas for Android apps.