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Latest Headlines

Consolidated's Udell: 'we win back' Google Fiber customers with high-touch service

Consolidated Communications is aware that Google Fiber is a formidable broadband service provider, including the markets where it also offers 1 Gbps broadband, but the century-old telco says that what differentiates them from their new competitor is customer service.

Virginia commits to putting self-driving cars on roads

Just as some experts are sounding the alarm about the potential for hacking into the connected car, transportation officials in Virginia say self-driving cars soon will be cruising along more than 70 miles of northern Virginia highways.

Google, Infineon partner on chipset for wearables that detects hand gestures

Google and Infineon Technologies are developing a chipset small enough to be put into wearable devices that can sense hand gestures and movements via radar.

Google X head talks of failing fast, Loon and autonomous cars

Google's Captain of Moonshots Astro Teller gave I/O conference attendees a glimpse of how the company's Google X division has been able to make so much progress in the "crazy-sounding science project" known as Project Loon: by failing fast.

HBO Now expands onto Google platforms

HBO has extended its new over-the-top service, HBO Now, beyond the Apple constellation of IP devices, with Google announcing at its developers conference Thursday that the product will soon be available for Android devices and Chromecast.

Ovum: Google Pay 'not a game changer' for mobile payments

Android Pay, a new mobile payment system introduced by Google as part of its latest smartphone operating system, is not a game changer for the sector a senior Ovum analyst said.

Google unveils Brillo, Weave for the Internet of Things

It's official. Google announced Brillo at its I/O conference as an underlying operating system for the Internet of Things, with Weave to act as a cross-platform language that will allow Brillo devices talk to one another.

I/O bits: Google Play gets HBO Now; YouTube to become 'VR hub'

Consumers using Android devices or Chromecast who felt left out when HBO debuted its new over-the-top service exclusively on Apple's iOS platform now can join the Game of Thrones streaming club. Google announced during its I/O conference that HBO Now will be available this summer through Cast on Android and via web browsers.

Google unveils Android M, Android Pay and Google Now enhancements

Google used its opening keynote of its I/O developer conference to unveil a new, polished version of its Android mobile operating system, a new mobile payments app called Android Pay and updates to its Google Now proactive personal assistant.

Report: Google's Android Pay enhancement expected to be key part of I/O announcements

Google will use its I/O developer conference, which kicks off today, to unveil an overhaul to its mobile payments offering, according to a New York Times report. Further, the report said Apple is going to soon announce enhancements to its own Apple Pay platform, including a rewards program.