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Latest Headlines

Sprint, T-Mobile generally voice support for FCC's net neutrality rules

Sprint and T-Mobile US seemed cautiously optimistic that the FCC's new net neutrality rules won't harm them and will protect the open Internet, while Verizon and AT&T were dismayed and characterized the FCC's action as misguided.

Spalter: Spectrum history 101- When good intentions go wrong

With the arrival of Prince George in Great Britain, the world is momentarily punch drunk on the great traditions of history. Of course, not all history paints such a bright and optimistic picture. As the saying goes, those who don't learn its lessons are doomed to repeat them.  These are wise words for the Federal Communications Commission to take to heart as it wades into the deep waters of the most high-stakes wireless spectrum auctions in U.S. history.

APPS Act implications: What developers should know about user privacy, consent

Let's be honest for a moment: When was the last time you, or anyone you know, took the time during the installation of a software program to read all the way through the user license agreement before clicking on the "I agree" button? And on a smartphone screen? If the answer was "recently," Joe Santilli would like to meet you.