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Latest Headlines

Developers ponder Waze's future with Google behind the wheel

It seemed like a long time coming, but the latest billion-dollar app acquisition has the developer community focused on the road ahead for mapping, big data and many other opportunities. Google confirmed its takeover of Waze, a social app that lets users improve their driving experience through crowdsourced traffic reports and turn-by-turn GPS navigation.

Sprint's takeover by SoftBank OK'd by Justice Department

SoftBank's planned $20.1 billion purchase of a 70 percent stake in Sprint Nextel was cleared by the U.S. Department of Justice, giving a boost to SoftBank as it initiates a $4.2 billion bond offering.

Sprint MVNO iTalk acquires calling card vendor ITG as it rolls out mobile broadband service

iTalk announced it purchased ITG, a Texas-based provider of international calling cards, with the goal of expanding the sale of its Sprint Nextel-powered mobile data service.

WhatsApp-Google rumors surprise app developers

First Facebook, then Google: WhatsApp seems to be the developer that's generating takeover rumors the way its users generate text messages.

Nokia Siemens: Business as usual for now

While its parents ponder a likely divorce, former problem child Nokia Siemens Networks continues to shine, pursuing various business initiatives as the six-year-old partnership agreement between Nokia and Siemens officially expired.

Oracle adds Tekelec to growing telecom arsenal

Oracle Communications announced a deal to buy Tekelec for an undisclosed amount, adding to Oracle's growing in-house network control capabilities

LinkedIn, Pulse and the future of news reader apps

This just in: Nobody wants to download and keep coming back to your second-rate, machine-curated, me-too newsreader app, so don't bother working on it anymore. If you really want to capitalize on human interest in current affairs, it's better to go where the humans are and approach them a lot differently.

JDSU buys Arieso to gain entry into SON, RAN and small cells

JDSU is paying $85 million cash to gain Arieso's expertise in location-aware software solutions, small cell siting and network optimization.

4 hot sectors in mobile generating VC action in 2012

2012 was a huge year in terms of venture capital deals for mobile, topping out at $6.85 billion across 990 different mobile deals, according to a detailed report on the subject by Rutberg & Company. 

Mobile games dominate VC investment in November

According to Rutberg & Co.'s report on venture capital financing in November, 90 mobile companies received $518 million in VC financing. Of those, consumer app developers received approximately $220 million in financing and application infrastructure firms received about $90 million in VC funds. These figures are approximate because some companies announced venture investments but did not disclose dollar amounts.